Rotterdam’s Central District works like a magnet to attract people, businesses and organisations with ambition from all over the world. The Modernist strengthens that effect.

Doing business with the rest of the world

The presence of talent, an interesting housing market, a broad academic scope, the dynamism of a global city and an invincible mentality: The Modernist is right in the midst of all this. Greater Rotterdam, the Randstad and the rest of the country are always close at hand; its accessibility places The Modernist in the epicentre of this dynamism. It stands in the middle of Rotterdam’s Central District, directly opposite Rotterdam CS, where trains, trams, buses and the RandstadRail are key to a well-functioning public transport network. If travelling by car, you can be on the Rotterdam ring in just 12 minutes.

The Modernist is a concept based on achieving your ambitions. It’s a place where people in jeans and people in suits come together to inspire one another, create ideas and take them further. The Modernist is situated at the entrance to Rotterdam: an inviting ensemble of lobbies, bars, shops, restaurants and boutiques topped by large, transparent, dynamic offices that welcome you to the city.

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Rotterdam Centraal Station is a 3-minute walk away.
Rotterdam / The Haque Airport takes 15 minutes by car.
Schiphol Airport is 25 minutes away by train.
In 32 minutes, you can be in Antwerp
Amsterdam takes 42 minutes by train

Central District:
innovation center
at the hear of
the city.

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Weenapoint redevelopment

The Modernist is the final project in the redevelopment of the Weenapoint complex: a melting-pot of metropolitan professionalism, hospitality and economic diversity. The projects that have now been completed, together with the people who use them, reveal the DNA that defines this location. Asset managers Robeco and law firm Nauta Dutilh are the exponents of the corporate culture that overflows into the spirit and ambience of the smaller retail and catering outlets. The green energy supplier Green Choice invites consumers to approach it here, while Premier Suits responds to the needs of business travellers on the spot. It all adds up to the best of business in Rotterdam. You’ll want to be part of it.