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The Modernist is represented by CBRE, estate agents specialising in commercial property.
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There are wishes and demands. There are ambitions and goals. There are tomorrows and the days after. In between there is The Modernist.

Face to face with the modernist

The Modernist is located in the middle of Rotterdam’s Central District, directly opposite the city’s Central Station. It’s a lively, bustling place where there’s something going on 24/7. This creates an atmosphere in which business and relaxation go hand in hand. It’s a place where travellers from the city and the rest of the world arrive and depart, where commuters turn into consumers, where knowledge is brought in and leveraged, and where work flows into leisure.

Function and fun
Setting yourself up in The Modernist offers more advantages than merely living and working in a cool building. It also means providing yourself, your company and employees with a place in the heart of Rotterdam’s Central District. It’s a place where you are immediately connected to the bustling city centre, thanks to the high-quality retail and catering outlets in the plinth of The Modernist that match the calibre of the building and the expectations of its users.

Yet this place also offers a peaceful green oasis in the form of the building’s courtyard garden. Users and residents of The Modernist can come here to get their thoughts straight, enjoy the sunshine, or just relax and do nothing for a moment.

Above this, on the sixth floor and 25 metres from the ground , there is a spacious roof terrace with a view over Weena, Stationsplein, Kruisplein and West Kruiskade. There’s also an area measuring 500 m2 that can be arranged as a business lounge, master boardroom or in-company restaurant. What’s more, you don’t have to leave the building for a workout: The Modernist has its own gym that is exclusively available for users of the offices and for residents.


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The courtyard garden: a green oasis of serenity.
Space for retail and catering outlets in the plinth.
Generous roof terrace with views over Weena, Stationsplein and Kruisplein.
Possible business lounge, master bedroom or restaurant.
Large bicycle park with changing rooms and showers.
Private gym for office users and residents.
Underground parking garage with charging points


The Modernist is being developed 
by the Maarsen Group. 
If you indicate that you are interested in the space available in the plinth, they will contact you.

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